What’s wrong with the rain?

Rain on the cabin window

As I sit here on my boat writing this, outside the rain is chucking it down in buckets full. All around me people are complaining about the rain. “Not a day for boating” I hear someone say. Yet without rain, we would not have this river and all its magnificent lakes. Every plant, every animal, in fact, every single living thing on this planet depends on this life-giving water. Even our own bodies are made up of 60% water. It’s in us as well as all around us, it’s part of us.

I’m fascinated by its captivating spell on us. Boaters, fishermen, and canal bank walkers are all drawn to it. And its magical powers hypnotises us and gently relaxes us. Water is not just food, it’s not just a giver of life, water is medicine for our souls too.

So let it rain. Let the skies pour down this most essential ingredient for life and happiness. It won’t stop me boating. Actually, when you think about it, only lack of it could stop me boating. 

Fair winds

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