A wet Easter on the Briare canal

Well it’s a wet Easter Saturday and the weather should be reasonably good by now.  But it was raining when we woke this morning and it’s still raining. when we untied at 1pm it was raining and it kept raining all day. We tied up in Dompierre sur Besbre at 5:30pm and it was still raining. Now don’t get me wrong, after all I’m a Paddy and well used to rain,  and I’m used to wet Easters too, but I thought this sort of rain only occurred in Ireland?

You tend to slip off into a kind of trance after a few miles of canal, then you might meet a commercial barge like this one on a bend, where he needs all the canal! That wakes you up out of your slumber.

Wet easter on the canal
The barge approaching probably can’t even see us.

A lot of these barge guys take the car to work.

A wet easter and a car on the barge
No room is wasted on the barge

In this kind of non stop rain no one cares what they look like, it’s all about trying to keep dry!

The lock keeper during a wet easter
The lock keeper trying to stay dry.

I hope the weather is a bit better wherever you are. Tomorrow we hope to head to Digoin and then we want to visit friends in Roanne. We arrived in Gannay and guess what? it was still raining. Someone on a barge baked hot cross buns as is the custom at Easter. They were good enough to share them with us and it was nice to enjoy some company along with some nibbles.

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