The start of a new season

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow. (Billy Shakespeare). Ah yes a new season is upon us and it’s sad leaving the good friends that we have been lucky enough to make in Briare. Soon we head off along the canal again. I had been looking forward to leaving Briare in the spring sunshine since the first snow and ice of the winter appeared last December. But when the day finally did

arrive it wasn’t as I had expected it to be. We had all shared a common experience, that of trying to live on a boat through a cold winter. This experience had brought us all together and good friendships have been forged.

a new season
Borras contemplating food or reproduction.
New season dinner
The friends we had met over the winter.

We held an End of Season/new Season dinner in a local cafe to mark the occasion and we will all meet up again along the waterway over the course of our travels. The sun shone as we left Briare and Annie & Mark stayed with us as we crossed over the aqueduct.

Then we were on our own and steaming south. At the lock at Boulleret we bought some eggs of a local farmer then we were off again. Then the weather turned. Thunderstorms rained down on us and the temperature dropped to 6deg. It was cold wet and windy. So much so that I was forced to drink some hot whiskeys, for medicinal purposes you understand…

This morning it is still raining so we won’t go far in fact we won’t go anywhere until that rain stops. Talk again soon.

Harry & Marion


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