St Patrick’s Day

Well St Patrick’s day was great gas, the weather couldn’t have been better and we decorated the boat in true tacky style as you can see in the pic below.

We had a great bunch of friends around for Irish coffees and even a few Guinness. Would you believe that on┬áSt Patrick’s Day we has 18 people on a 34 foot boat!

St Patrick's Day on the boat
A full house for St Patrick’s Day.

My Mum & Dad flew out to spend the week with us and it was they brought the good weather with them. 48 Hrs before they arrived the canal was frozen! But this pic was taken in twenty decrees (c). You couldn’t ask for better weather now could you.

St Patrick's Day with Mum & Dad
St Patrick’s Day with Mum & Dad

The good weather meant that we could enjoy our lunch out doors as the temperature crept up to just above 20Deg (c).

Collet on St Patrick's Day
The wonderful Collette, our French teacher and a lovely lady.

The wonderful Collette our French teachers joined us too. This lady did so much for us and we owe her so much.

St Patrick's Day
My Dad talking to someone who thought it was Burn’s day!

My Dad talking to Rex, I think someone told Rex that it was a fancy dress !! Rex was Ex British army and lived on a boat in the port.

St Patrick's Day
John Luxton enjoying an Irish coffee.

And my Scottish friend John

Harry & Marion


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