River cruise to Ballyconnell in lovely sunshine

We are loving our cruise on the Shannon Erne Waterway, the scenery as well as the wildlife is just captivating us. One of the thinks that makes this waterway for us is that it’s a great mix of canals, river as well and so many intertwining lakes. Waterways Ireland have a wonderful amenity here and they have created some lovely moorings as well as great facilities. Most moorings have full stone-built service blocks.

This is also a very popular waterway with fishermen, in fact they seem to come from all over Europe and beyond to fish here. There are plenty fishing stands dotted along the waterway and there is a reasonably large local cottage industry providing accommodation, meals and boats to the visiting fishermen.

Again, we were entertained by the kingfishers as they darted along the riverbank, no doubt they were escorting us through their territory. And while we know this area has a large population of otters we didn’t spot any ourselves. Although we did film a stick in the mistaken belief that it was an otter!

We draw 3’3” or 1 Mtrs and have had no real issues with the water levels on the Shannon Erne Waterway, just hope the same will be the case on Lough Erne where we are heading to.

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