How much does a boat cost? The easy way to get into boating.

Want to know how much it costs to get into boating?

Not as much as you may think… Boating is affordable and in this video I’ll show you how anyone can manage to get on the water the easy way.

We started off with a small plywood day boat that we took our two children on a two week holiday on, not a great idea! That boat was called The Four of Us, although we all agreed very quickly that it wasn’t the boat for us.

Trindle was the name of our second boat. It was a clinker built Ex ships lifeboat and was 24 feet long. It was old and rotten but we fitted an old diesel engine in it and kept it for seven years. when it came to selling it we turned a few pound too!

By this stage we had built up to a fiberglass Seamaster 27 called An Ban Eille. We bought this in rough condition and refitted out the galley and head. We sold it a few months later and the profit financed a larger Seamaster 30 called Glory Days.

This video was filmed on a Samsung S6 phone
An Eliphone P9000
And GoPro Session 4
Edited using iMovies

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