A look behind the scenes:

That’s a silly title really because there are no scenes when you vlog, not as such. We try to make it just us being us as much as we can. So far we have avoided showing us brushing our teeth in the mornings which seems to have become the vlogging base line.  But driftwood.tv is really a blog not a vlog and through it I’ll open a window or two into our lives a little wider.

I’m writing this from my bed, well I say my bed but it’s not mine really, it belongs to the HSE, or to Portinuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe to be a little more pedantic about it.

This is the exciting view from my bed!

I’ll spare you the details of what’s wrong with me because I’m assuming that gastrointestinal side of biology is not a fascinating topic of discussion for you, as it isn’t for me. But don’t worry it’s nothing too serious.

To be honest this is the fifth time I’ve been admitted in the last six months (you might have noticed we didn’t produce a video every week this year like we did last year.) That’s a real pity and it was mainly down to ill health, a problem that I hope wont exist in the coming year.

For now Xmas is just round the corner and that marks an ever so slight increase in the length of the daylight hours. And an increase in daylight hours means a new boating season is starting!

I was admitted in here a few days ago and got a room with an elderly man suffering from dementia and a strong smell of urine. I could have put up with the dementia no problem at all. The smell of urine however, was overwhelming. Now I must be honest about this…  shortly after settling into this room I myself accidentally broke wind, be perfectly honest with you, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Thankfully they moved me when the bat crazy urine smelling man became very loud and quite abusive to the staff. I was nearly going to walk home at that stage but thankfully they found me the bed I’m in now and this is as good if not a lot better as most hospital beds can be.

I’m expecting to get released back into the wild in a day or two and I expect to be bringing all of my small intestine with me. I may have to donate a portion of it at some future date but I did promise not to bore you with all that. I’ll give you another update shortly.

Fair Winds

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