Have you seen Hodson Bay on the river Shannon yet? Episode #17

Crossing Lough Ree to Hodson Bay or to any other port is always weather permitting. Lough Ree on the river Shannon is one of the three large lakes and therefore potentially a dangerous lake. The Hodson Bay Hotel dominates the

bay and boaters regularly use the excellent facilities there. Baysports.ie was closed when we visited, well it was the start of October after all so not exactly the high season! However check out their site, if you’re looking for somewhere to entertain the little ones (and not so little) and a good summers day well baysport.ie is a place that they will remember for some time to come. Despite the bad weather forecast that was predicted earlier in the week it turned out to be just wonderfully good weather.

This video was filmed on a Samsung S6 phone
And an Eliphone P9000
Edited using iMovies

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