Episode #15 We have to anchor the boat to make a repair!

Anchoring a boat, not a how to drop the anchor video!

We head off for a spin on the river Shannon but soon end up anchoring theĀ boat. The reason we have to anchor the boat is because we got a warning light showing an engine problem. This isn’t a how to anchor a boat video but it

shows how we do it! Then I make a temporary fan belt repair using a pair of ladies nylon tights. Ye I know! The lady in question meanwhile takes the helm and with the temporary repair in place we return to port. Here I do a proper fix and so I fit a new fan belt. All the time the weather is wet and dull, well at least there isn’t a wind up.

When I’m anchoring a boat I usually try to point the boat into the wind or the current, whichever is the stronger. Then I bring the boat to a complete stop before reversing slowly. Then I can let the anchor down under control. I don’t just lob it over the side. By letting the anchor down slowly I’m assured that the anchor chain will be laid out in front of the anchor and not land in a pile on top of the anchor.

Any time you’reĀ anchoring a boat it’s important to make sure the chain doesn’t get tangled in the anchor and end up pulling the anchor sideways. It’s also important to let out enough chain. We’re in calm fresh water so we have no tides to contend with so I usually let out three times the depth. More is always better than too little. The more anchor chain you Let out the better the pulling angle is on the anchor.

Turn’s out that a fan belt broke and we need to replace it. I have spare belts on the boat but because one of the cooling hoses passes through the fan belt, I’d have to remove that too. So I make a temporary repair to get us back to our moorings. Then I put a new belt on and we’re good to go again.

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