Discover the Erne System and visit to The Ulster Canal and Belturbet.

Well the Shannon Erne Waterway has been great but now we are on Lough Erne and what a great waterway the Erne system is. It’s correct to call it the Erne System because it’s way more than just two lakes. Once we cruised onto the Erne we headed towards Belturbet.

The sun was out we were captivated by the beautiful scenery, or at least that’s my excuse. See we missed a marker and very nearly ran aground. And the gas thing is that this all happened as I’m recalling a story to Marion about the last time we passed this way and how we missed the very same marker then too. Still we managed to avoid disaster and got back on course before we touched the bottom.

Belturbet has great moorings both public and private. As you cruise into Belturbet the public moorings are on your left and there are plenty of them. On your right is The Belturbet Boat Club or The BBC if you prefer! Here Sean runs a fine marina with lift out facilities, hard storage as well as floating jetties. His prices are very competitive too. My only issue is that you have a long walk into the town but you can just untie and move across the river if you want to do a bit of shopping.

Now I should point out that we were here before, it was the year they opened the Shannon Erne Waterway 1984. Appart from one very rushed visit to Enniskillen about 15 years ago we haven’t been here since. So it’s a mix of nostalgia and thanks to my aging memory much of it feels like a first time experience too.

I was keen to visit a part of this waterway called Quivvy Waters. Close to here the currently unnavigable Ulster Canal joins the Erne Waterway. I was here in 1984 and wanted to relive this trip up an old waterway. The waterway winds its way through a mix of scrub land, trees and farmland. It’s generally narrow but two boats could still pass with ease. We found the old Ulster Canal entrance looking much as it did the last time we’d seen. Work is well under way now to restore this canal to full navigation and when opened the Ulster Canal will link Lough Erne with Lough Neagh.

International Fishing Center Belturbet website:

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