Day trip to Gien

Well all that snow and ice that you saw in our last blog has melted now and
the temperatures are generally well above freezing, 6 degrees today but there is a very cold wind out which makes it feel a lot cooler. We took the local bus to Gien our largest neighbouring town yesterday, it was the first time that Mar and myself had been out of Briare without proper adult supervision but we managed not get lost or get into much trouble.

Gien was bombed heavily during the war and a close inspection reveals some evidence to this day. We however hadn’t time to go exploring, we were on a mission to get fresh sardines. I was late getting to the fish stand in the market in Briare and so all their sardines were sold out. I had never eaten fresh sardine before like most people I am more accustomed to the tinned variety. But let me tell you, I tossed them in flower and then fried on a pan with some chilli oil and wow…they were just superb. I will never open a tin again! Next time I plan to do them on the BBQ once the weather improves.

This is our boat “Driftwood” anchored in Cork on the south coast of Ireland on her way to France.

Today I was putting down some new carpet and a little bit of carelessness with a knife on my behalf led to me nicking one of the qualplex heating pipes. A mist of radiator water indicated that the carpet would have to wait while I made repairs. Once again the heating had to be turned off. I soon discovered that you cannot get 1/4″ piping in France, nothing on a boat is ever straightforward is it?

So I had to reemploy a less important piece from elsewhere in the bilge. Still I got it sorted after a few hours and so we have heating again.

Harry & Marion



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