Episode #4 The unmissable Lough Key Forest Park and lake

I take you on a tour around the beautiful Lough Key Forest Park and visit the Fairy Bridge as well as many more if its attractions. This is probably one of the most picturesque locations on the river.

Lough Key itself is just a wonderful lake full of islands many of which have ruins on them. Great for exploring with the kids. Then Lough Key forest park is just magnificent, a maze of beautiful and peaceful walks. Crisscrossed with old canals and bridges.

You can hire bicycles or seagways, the more adventurous can go zip-lining among the trees. Or just chill out in the nice cafe overlooking the lake and it’s islands. Trust me on this one, Lough Key should be on your bucket list.

My father brought me to lough key when I was just a twelve year old kid, we were on a hired boat that we had for five days and lough Key forest park worked its magic on me.

I was captivated by the park but also by the lake and the river. That five day holiday was a turning point for me. I vowed that one day I would own my own boat on the river. Another eighteen years were to pass before I was to realise that dream.

I’ve had five different boats over the last twenty five years. It just goes to show how important holidays are for kids. I am passionate about boating and I have cruised in Ireland the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. And I can honestly say that Ireland has the best cruising waters of them all. I hope that you will come and experience it for yourself one day.

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