Crom Castle Estate adventure on Lough Erne

Crom Castle and the whole Crom estate is well known as a wonderful recreational facility. Providing facilities for boaters as well as campers, Crom Castle also have pods as well as apartments to rent. The whole thing lends itself well to a good relaxing holiday experience. We headed out from Belturbet with Marion still suffering from a bad cold and you’ll notice her voice on the video is somewhat husky!

Given that the summer of 2018 has been one of the best on record it comes as no surprise that we enjoy more lovely sunshine on this trip. Crom castle and estate has been compared with Lough Key forest park and it’s a fair comparison too.

So just to test it we take you with us on a walkabout around the estate, most but not all of which is open to the public. Notably Crom castle itself is the private residence of Lord Erne or Jon Jon as he is affectionately known to the locals. Now I’m not into this titled thing that may because I was reared in a republic and I find the whole thing simply amazing. Amazed that people still accept it, that is. Still each to their own I suppose.

In order to escape to a quieter mooring after a day or two in Crom we moved to a secluded mooring called Derryvore in the nearby Trial Bay.

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