Canal Lateral a la Loire

Canal Lateral a la Loire as its name suggests runs parallel to the Loire river and every now and again
 the two are linked by branch canals.

On one such branch canal at Nevers we had arranged to meet Des & Ann
 our friends from home in Ireland who had flown over from Ireland for a week.

With great weather we headed off to Decize and St Leger des Vignes.
We were able to collect walnuts from trees on the canal side although they tasted quite moist when compared
to the ones we used to get traditionally on Halloween nights as kids.

Most important of all Ann brought out a new laptop to me. My own one died a sudden death only to return from
 the grave once a replacement had be arranged. There then followed a week of craic good food and maybe a beer 
or two and possibly even a glass of wine!

Mile stone on the canal


Harry & Marion