Ah we got here at last

Ah we got here at last. We arrived on Fri night last (28-Aug-09) and fell into bed since we hadn’t slept well in quite a while. Next morning was a bright sunny and warm day in Condé sur Marne.

We did a bit of shopping while we still had the hire car and stayed in Condé again on Sat night. On Sun morning we moved the boat. Now this was not as simple as it may sound.

You see we had to bring the hire car back to Epernay which is a few hours down the canal. So the plan was for Mar to take the boat and I would meet her at the locks and bridges. Now Mar is perfectly able to drive the boat but I’m not so good at allowing her to. Still all went well and by Sunday afternoon both the car and the boat were in Comieries which is just beside Epernay on the river Marne.

On Monday (today) we got set-up with limited internet access, and bought a French mobile phone too. Then I put my bike in the boot of the car and drove into Epernay to hand the car back. It was a very pleasant cycle back to the boat in lovely sunshine.
I have noticed that the more evolved French male has abandoned the noisy buzz bike in favour of the even noisier Quad Bike. Fearlessly they challenge the land speed record along the canal bank with a total disregard for human life or even their own safety. The French male is indeed a unique creature who has no knowledge of fear.

The weather is just fantastic, it’s 29deg today and not a cloud in sight. We will continue along the Marne over the next few days and hope to reach Paris on Friday or Saturday.

Harry & Marion

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