Jet Skies; love them or loath them?

It may help to love them more or loath them less if you understand the science behind their users: You see it’s all about sex. Read on and you’ll see why!

In Strokestown in Co Roscommon there is a large population of beautiful Peacocks. These magnificent birds wander about the town as if they own the place. But what a sight it is to see one of them displaying their full train of feathers.

It certainly is an impressive sight. And so it should be too, after all it is intended to impress. Not to impress you or me but to impress the female Peahens. You see the male Peacock is just trying to attract a mate.

So what has that to do with jet skis? Well maybe you’re starting to get the picture now. You see there is a very good reason why the young male jet skiers, doesn’t strut his stuff where he can’t be seen.

Oh no, Jet skiers almost always, don their tightfitting rubber suits, and display their skill wherever there is an audience. Like a marina, or just that quiet mooring that, up until now, you were enjoying. In much the same way as the Peacock only displays his train of feathers when there is a suitable female about.

As the Jet skier bounces about creating ever bigger and bigger splashes he is, (maybe on some subconscious level) trying to impress the female of his species.

If successful, the jet skier will mate with a suitable admirer and produce offspring that will themselves one day strut their stuff outside a marina on their own jet ski. 😉