Summit level on the Nivernais Canal

Nivernais summit

We have arrived at the Nivernais summit level. Well what a trip this Nivernais canal is turning out to be. It is just beautiful with it’s winding course following the l’Aron and l’Yonne rivers. With over 150 locks the Nivernais is a bit of work too. The V.N.F. (Voies Navigable de France) lock keepers are superb and take all the hard work out of it. Because this canal is shallow we

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A wet Easter on the Briare canal

Wet easter

Well it’s a wet Easter Saturday and the weather should be reasonably good by now.  But it was raining when we woke this morning and it’s still raining. when we untied at 1pm it was raining and it kept raining all day. We tied up in Dompierre sur Besbre at 5:30pm and it was still raining. Now don’t get me wrong, after all I’m a Paddy and well used to rain,  and I’m used to wet Easters too, but I thought this sort of rain only occurred in Ireland?

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Coures les Barres

It has been unusually cold and wet here for the past ten days or so. We were waiting for an improvement in the weather in a small town called Coures les Barres and today 1-April-10 was just such a day. It’s still cold but at least the sun came out as we headed south towards the city of Decize. It was a seven hour trip which was a bit more that we had hoped to do.

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