Canal Restoration – The Ulster Canal

Canal Restoration, the Ulster Canal. This amazing waterway is opening up and we take a boat trip to the stunning Castle Saunderson on this newly restored stretch of waterway, and learn a bit about its rather disturbing history.

Achaidh Cheide – Celtic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.



Boat Canopy

If you’re looking for a boat canopy or just a good boat canopy design Cameron has plenty boat canopy ideas so you’ll enjoy this vlog. The boat canopy in this video was created by Cameron from Coast Covers and you can contact them through their FB page:

River Shannon Blueway

There are no end of great places to visit on the river, but the River Shannon Bluway is one that really should be on your bucket list. Join us as we take a trip from Battlebridge to Acres Lake near Drumshanbo along the tow path.

Picking Up A Mooring Buoy

Picking Up A Mooring Buoy singlehanded or with a crew needn’t be difficult. When I first tried picking up a mooring buoy I got it completely wrong. But now I know the right way when picking up a mooring ball or buoy. It’s not at all difficult, and this video makes it so easy.

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Boating Europe

The best boating Europe has to offer is here in Ireland. The River Shannon is probably the best boating in Europe. With dozens of beautiful lakes, free moorings, only 6 locks in 365Klm of river. It’s clearly the best Boating Europe has to offer. Oh did I mention the fishing, the great food and the Guinness too?