A visit to the White island stone figures and RAF Castle Archdale on Lough Erne

White Island should be on the top of you boating bucket list, it’s a marvel to see. Close by is the old RAF base of Castle Archdale. During the second world war Catalina and Sunderland seaplanes set out from this Lough Erne base through the Donegal Corridor and on out into the Atlantic where they hunted down German U-Boats.

We also take a look at Boa Island and the Janus figure. This was an ancient Celtic idol. It is a two sided figure with a male and female face standing back to back. Now getting to Boa Island on lough Erne by boat is a little difficult because there is no landing jetty in the island. We were lucky enough to be able to arrange a lift from nearby Castle Archdale. Boa Island is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

We spent that night at a lovely mooring on Innis Davar Island. This is a beautiful secluded mooring and is well worth a visit. The next day we spotted Stephen on the tour boat MV Kestrel and he showed us round the inside of the round tower on Devinish Island. See www.ernetorus.com for more information about the MV Kestrel.

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