Boat Maintenance & checks before we cross Lough Ree. Episode #16

Boat Maintenance before we cross Lough Ree.

The boat maintenance to boat fun ratio should always favor the fun! That said there are times when boat maintenance can’t be avoided and you have to just roll up the sleeves and delve into the black hole that is the bilge. In this episode we do a bit of essential boat maintenance before we set out across a very large lake called Lough Ree. Lough

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Episode #12 A River Shannon cruise on a summers day


Come along for a River Shannon Cruise.

A super day for a river Shannon cruise to pick up two special passengers. Join in with us as we cruise from the old stone harbour in Ballyleague Co Roscommon up river and under the Bord Na Mona Bridge….(well you will just have to wait and see what happens there!) It’s another fun day on the water, so why not join in! Continue reading “Episode #12 A River Shannon cruise on a summers day”


Approaching Dromod

Lanesborough to Dromod.

When you get great weather in Ireland you wouldn’t really want to be anywhere else. We untied from our berth in Hanley’s marina near Lanesborough and headed north along the beautiful river Shannon towards Dromod. Now Marion hasn’t drove the boat in quite a while and to be honest with you she needs to get back into practice.

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Locks on the river Shannon

Shannon Lock

A lot of people get confused about how to use the locks on the river Shannon. That’s not surprising really because the hire boat companies don’t take you through a lock on your induction training. But you’ll be glad to know that there are very few locks on the river Shannon anyway.  Like everything else in life there is a hard way and an easy way to to do it. But here are six tips on how to use the locks on the river Shannon the easy and hassle free way. Using a navigation lock on a canal or river is no different. But here are a few simple pointers to make your holiday a bit more enjoyable.

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Cruising along the River Shannon

On Ireland’s river Shannon we don’t always get weather like this, so when the sun does comes out we have a tendency to panic and try to make up for lost time. This explains why in Ireland on a sunny day you will see snowy white bodies glowing in the sun and soaking up as much cancerous radiation as their bodies will accept. Today was an exceptional day for a spin on the river so I made the trip up

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