The Blasket sound on the west coast of Ireland

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This is the Driftwood Boat Blog site and your very welcome, so step on-board we're going on a Eurpoean canals and river adventure. On this boat blog we describe our wonderful boating adventure on the seas and the European waterways. An adventure that is still ongoing. This site is updated regularly so please book-mark it.

The links on the left tell the story so far of how we took our River Shannon cruiser from Ireland all the way to the French canals, even though we had no sea experience and really had no idea what we were taking on. There are lots of videos as well as plenty of pictures too. You can see the route that we took as well as getting some tips on boating in France, read some extracts of my book. But most importantly.. our Boat Blog. It's in our boat blog pages that you will see the pictures & videos first and hear almost on a daly basis what we are getting up to.

What's New: Have a look at the latest news...Driftwood has come home.

Harry & Marion
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